No one really likes a staff meeting but they are a necessary part of managing a dental office. Making sure they are run properly can make the difference between meetings that everyone dreads or ones that seem like a good use of everyone’s time.

Here are 9 simple tips for making sure your next meeting goes well.

  1. Be on time. On time means being a bit early if you can. Be prepared for the meeting so you are not wasting anyone’s time fumbling around with paper or your laptop.
  2. Make Introductions. Most of your meetings will be with people who already know each other. If they don’t it is your job to make sure everyone knows each other. Do this by starting with the highest-ranking person in the room.
  3. Have an agenda. You should have a good, strong agenda so that you can stay on track if you do get off track, you should have a facilitator to get you back on track.
  4. Sit Appropriately. If possible, make sure you adjust your chair so it is equal height to everyone else at the table. Make sure you seem like you are interested in the meeting. No slouching in your chair. Sit forward and engage others with your posture.
  5. Speak up. You need to speak loud enough so everyone in the room can hear you.
  6. Understand the unwritten speaking rules. Don’t interrupt others when they are speaking. This is generally true but remember that you are running the meeting so you may need to interrupt to keep the meeting on schedule or ensure your agenda is followed. Try not to argue with others. Hear their point, acknowledge you have heard what they say and move on.
  7. You can drink coffee/tea and water but do not bring food. Unless it is predetermined that this is a breakfast or lunch meeting do not bring food. Food can smell bad to other attendees, distract others who may be hungry, and you can make noises that disrupt the meeting.
  8. Do not have your phone out. Do not keep your cell phone on the table during meetings. Even if you are not looking at your phone, it can get distracting if it starts making noises or lights up with an incoming text or email. Keep your phone in your pocket and on silent. Do not answer texts or emails. If you don’t follow this rule you cannot expect anyone else in the room to follow it either.
  9. Don’t save all your questions for the end. Ask your questions at the appropriate time. Do not leave all your questions to the end when everyone is getting ready to go. Also, allow others to ask their questions during the meeting as well.

You should also ensure someone is properly recording the meeting minutes. They capture the essential information of a meeting, decisions and assigned tasks. They keep attendees on track by reminding them of their role in a project and clearly define each attendee’s task take away.

Meeting minutes should not be an exact recording of everything that happened during the meeting. They are meant to record basic information such as the actions assigned and decisions made.

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