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A Little Mistake That Cost A Dentist More Than $30,000

When Dr Jones (not his real name) downloaded his office manual from a popular internet site, he thought he had taken care of a big potential problem, but instead he ended up having to pay a $30,000 employment claim.

It’s really simple – If you don’t have an office manual, you need one. If you do have one, you better know that it is the right one for you. In the US and Canada you have over 63 different labor jurisdictions, so to create one on your own with no experience is a really bad idea. And like Dr Jones, downloading the cheapest one you can find on the internet isn’t very smart either.

Here’s a better idea: Send your office manager for a four day program, and have a customized manual covering more than 50 topics and policies that do more than just protect you from “little mistakes.”

A good office manual will not only save you money, but actually make you money. In addition to covering key employment and liability issues, your manual should help reduce overtime, increase productivity and patient satisfaction, and provide consistent guidelines for training.
So which way would you handle this important business decision?

  1. Remain vulnerable with no manual,
  2. Use a cheap internet template that still needs hours of work and extensive lawyer review,
  3. Create your own from scratch with weeks of effort and potentially increase your liability, or
  4. Send your manager(s) to work with our professional team for a few days at our next Management 101 training, and have them return with a complete office manual that  protects your practice and increases productivity.

Our Management 101 Workshop does more than just create an office manual, it also includes training on all aspects of managing a dental office and successfully implementing your new office manual.   We now have an Office Manual Workshop and 4 Day Intensive Manager Training scheduled in 11 cities across North America.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Now save $400 off our regular price of $1,595 and pay only $1,195 for our next 4 day training event in Las Vegas. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you don’t feel completely satisfied, we will refund 100% of your purchase price.

**The $400 savings applies to our next workshop only in Las Vegas April 16-19, 2013.**

More Details here or give us a call at (587)-391-5883.

All for now,

Dr Dave

PS – You would spend more than $1,595 in legal fees on your manual alone!
Book your office manager training for Las Vegas today before the limited seating is gone. Best of all, you can order with the peace of mind that comes with our 100% money back Satisfaction Guarantee.


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