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Dental consultant advice from a real world dentist and dental office

We provide a wide variety of one on one consulting options designed to fit the range of needs and wants or the many different types of practices.

At over $10 million per year, our office is huge, and we know that not everyone wants an office this big. However, in order for us to grow and stay organized, we always need to follow ‘best practices’. The principles we follow are the same for every practice. If it works for us it will work for you too.

The key is to know what type of practice you want; (we can even help you with that part); and then help you to achieve it.

Here are some of the ways we help dentists get to where they want to be:

We always start with a FREE half hour strategy session.  

When is the best day, time and number to call you for your free one on one personal dental practice management strategy session? During this call you will learn whether we can help you or not.

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It’s your move

We’d love to hear from you. Either leave us your number or call us. It’s free. You will learn something worthwhile on the call, I guarantee it. I also guarantee no pressure and no obligation.

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Fee Schedule

Unlike most Dental Consultants that want you to sign up for a $50,000 program, we only give you what you want and need.

We don’t have a fleet of “trained consultants” that prescribe the same solution to every office. Our consulting is done by Dr. Dave himself or his Office Manager Craig. We will be able to really figure out what will help you. We are busy running an $10,000,000 dental practice so we can only do a few per year, but the advice we provide is far more hard hitting and valuable than some “consultant” who is a dentist who no longer practices or someone who never did. We do this daily and know what works, but we don’t try to force you to be like us. We show you how to get to where ever it is you want to get.

All Office Analyses include a diagnosis of what is going on in your office right now, what works, what doesn’t and all the recommendations we can think of based on what your office is doing, what we feel it could be doing, your location, your marketing, your staff situation, things to STOP doing, your production, your profitability, your associates and hygienists, your obstacles to success, and what we think needs to happen to get you past them.

Our intent is to charge a fee that you earn back before the end of the first month, and then your increase in cash flow continues and grows from there every month thereafter.

You then can implement the ideas yourself or hire us to help.

The information we provide should be viewed as an investment not an expense, as you will earn back far more than you ever pay us.

We can help you in various ways as indicated below. All daily rates contemplate an 8 hour day and are quoted in US funds.

  • Total Office Analysis by Dr. Dave via internet, detailed questionnaire and selected telephone interviews: $3800. This is an off-site analysis. Over the Shoulder Visit; you come to Dr. Dave’s office and observe and learn directly how an $10,000,000 office operates; $3800/day
  • Personal Visit to Your Office. Usually this is done after the Analysis which is done by telephone. Then we come to the office to help implement the recommendations:
    For Dr. Dave $8000/day including travel expenses in Canada and the US. This is a flat fee with no surprises or nickel and diming you for our expenses.

Consulting fees depend on the extent of the work you choose. We often let the dentist implement our ideas themselves. Other times Dr Dave comes on site , other times it is Dr Dave’s manager or even one of the treatment coordinators from the office which obviously is a lot less costly.

Office Automation Services: depends on size of the office, and includes Office Manager Monthly Coaching Calls described above at no additional charge. Our office is highly automated and is one of the reasons we can consult as well as run such a large office. We want to take away all the repetitive tasks that you and your staff hate doing, are fraught with error and take time away from what you should be and could be doing.

Consulting in YOUR office

When we come to your office, we can observe many intangibles. We will see things in your office that you can’t see because you have become accustomed to them. Sometimes there is an elephant in the room that you can’t even see.

Consulting in OUR office

There is an old saying, “I’m from Oklahoma, show me.”

Sometimes there is nothing better than seeing something with your own eyes when you are attempting to make a change.

It is one thing to talk about it, but quite another to actually see it. Unlike any other consulting program, we have such a place. It is a state of the art 5800 square foot dental office where we produce and collect over $10 million per year. We can create a customized in-house training program for the doctor, the office manager, or even the staff. Make a holiday out of it and visit beautiful Banff National Park which is only an hour away. Remember that since we are a functioning dental practice we cannot take an unlimited number of consulting clients; one per month is about our maximum. So if you are interested let us know well In advance as we do get booked up. Book a 30 minute consultation here.

Transitions: Preparing your practice for sale

How to maximize the return on your years of investment in your dental practice:

  • Don’t shortchange yourself by letting your practice slip in your final years of practice.
  • It is possible to increase the value of your practice by 50-100%. Put that money into your retirement nest egg.

Manage your Manager

This sounds crazy until you stop and think about it for a minute. Most dentists just want to do dentistry and somehow make the management crap disappear! Now that dream has become a reality.

What good is having an office manager if you have to spend all your time managing him or her? Or more commonly; DON’T want to manage him or her.

I don’t want to get too personal here, but most of us dentists are too nice to lay any real heavy stuff onto their staff in case they get mad at us. We want the staff to love us!

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else could say no instead of us? Because sometimes no is the correct answer. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could say, we can’t do that because it costs too much so we don’t have to feel like a cheap skate? Wouldn’t it be nice if a situation came up, and your office manager could call someone, get advice, deal with the problem and you never even need to know about it? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else said, we need to increase our production so you don’t sound like you’re being greedy?

The idea here is that we become your manager’s boss and make sure he or she is really making the office better. In a measurable way.

Book a free half hour consult to talk about it. Click here.

Adding/ dealing with associates

The reason my office can produce over $10 million a year when I am there less than 2 days per week is because I have 11 associates.

Associates are a way to catapult your office from mediocre to fantastic. They are also a way to destroy a practice if done incorrectly. Plus they will steal your patients if it goes bad so you can end up worse off than when you started.

We have a program specifically tailored to bringing in an Associate, and it starts at least 3 months before the associate sets foot in the door. Many details need to be properly laid out before anyone gets near the place. And the selection process is CRITICAL. We have learned exactly what type of associate would benefit a practice and what type would hurt one.

The potential profit of a great arrangement is so high, and the cost of a bad one so steep that expert guidance is a must. Even one missed detail can ruin something that could have worked.

I am not strictly a consultant. I still own a large practice. My ideas on this have to work for me every day. I simply teach what I do; this is not theory.

No one knows associates like us. They are what make our office great. No one else anywhere has 9 or 10 associates in one office. Most dentists would say it could not be done and we have been doing it for 25 years. But you need to create this value one or two years before you are ready to sell. Don’t leave this till the last minute!

Book a free half hour consult and discover if we can help make your plans to introduce an associate a win/win/win/win for the associate, your staff, your patients and of course for you. Because if all 4 parties are not considered it will fail.

Dental Office Turnaround

Dental offices, like any business sometimes hit a wall. Staff turmoil, divorce, partnership issues, health issues, declining revenues and other issues sometimes feel impossible to solve. Yet we have seen it all and can act as a moderating force to take control while we craft a plan to emerge stronger. We dentists were never trained for these eventualities so no wonder we feel lost when they hit. Sometimes you just need to hand the tiller to someone else for a bit while you regroup. Don’t let your practice continue in a downward spiral.

We have reversed this sickening trend in many practices and showed the dentist how to regain his or her confidence as well as his or her practice. We even had a spouse of one dentist tell us that she felt like we saved his life. Make no mistake, we wrap a lot of our self worth up in the success of our practices and when it goes sideways it is devastating mentally and emotionally as well as financially. It is okay to seek help.

When you are down you need a helping hand. It takes courage to admit you need help. But it is almost impossible to dig out when you get in too deep without some outside help. We can help you turn it around or totally take over management of your practice until you are ready to get back at it. Everyone is different and we can create a solution that works best for you, your practice, your staff, your patients and our family; they are all relying on you to make it work.