We provide a wide variety of one on one consulting options designed to fit the range of needs and wants or the many different types of practices.dental consulting

At over $10 million per year, our office is huge, and we know that not everyone wants an office this big. However, in order for us to grow and stay organized, we always need to follow ‘best practices’. The principles we follow are the same for every practice. If it works for us it will work for you too.

The key is to know what type of practice you want; (we can even help you with that part); and then help you to achieve it.

Here are some of the ways we help dentists get to where they want to be:

  • Support from a distance over the telephone and internet – Contact Us
  • Consulting in YOUR office
  • Over the shoulder programs in OUR office
  • We manage your manager
  • We can help deal with or integrate an associate (We have 9 or 10 at any one time)
  • Transitions; if you are thinking of selling there are many things that can be done ahead of time to increase the value of the practice
  • Dental Office Turnaround – Don’t let your practice continue in a downward spiral

We always start with a FREE half hour strategy session.  

When is the best day, time and number to call you for your free one on one personal dental practice management strategy session? During this call you will learn whether we can help you or not.

Call us at 1 403 984 0111 for more info.

Consulting in YOUR office
Consulting in OUR Office
Transitions: Selling Your Practice
Manage Your Manager
Adding/ dealing with associates
Dental Office Turnaround

It’s your move

We’d love to hear from you. Either leave us your number or call us. It’s free. You will learn something worthwhile on the call, I guarantee it. I also guarantee no pressure and no obligation.

Or Call us at 1 403 984 0111