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Dental Office Rejuvenation Events

Earn 21 CE’s & Take Your Practice To The Next Level…

Have you ever thought, “If I could just give my practice a good kick-start…”?

If so then this is the event you have been looking for.

The trouble with most practice building events is they only cover one or two aspects and do not address the other issues that can have a huge effect on growth and the day to day operation of your practice.

The DMS Practice Rejuvenation Event is different.

In this 3-day intensive workshop we cover all aspects of practice building. There is material specifically for the dentist/practice owner that is covered in breakout sessions because it is material that would not be shared with other staff members. There is also material for other key staff that is designed to not only help the practice run better but to help them understand the owner’s perspective and why things need to be handled a certain way.

Many practices even bring their entire staff for a complete practice transformation. With everyone on the same page when you return home, changes are much easier to achieve.

(If you are thinking about extending your trip for more R & R, do it before the retreat, because afterwards, you’ll be anxious to get back to the office).

Lots of dentists provide cosmetic rejuvenation treatments for their patients that literally transform their lives. Dental Management Secrets provides office rejuvenation that can transform your office as well as your life.

These DMS events are guaranteed* to transform, rejuvenate, and take your practice to the next level.

We invite you and your staff to join us for our next Practice Rejuvenation Retreat.

We especially look forward to the 301 events since this is the ONLY event that you get the knowledge directly from Dr. Dave for almost the entire event.

I hope you’ll join us, and share some of the practical insights – the secrets – that have helped grow our practice to 12 dentists, 12 hygienists, and 35+ support staff.

You may laugh a bit as well.

Here’s how to get your staff to pay for their trip:

A good reason to book early is to give you enough time to follow a little secret tip that has helped us bring staff to events like this: Extend the rejuvenation trip offer to your staff in exchange for 3 extra days of work with no pay.

You’ll need to schedule in 3 extra days you don’t normally work.

All that production with no staff costs goes towards the cost of the trip. I can tell you that your staff will be enthusiastic, and appreciate the opportunity.

Our Next Event: TBD

Course Details

Dental Management Secrets Practice Rejuvenation Retreat
”How To Build The Practice Of Your Dreams”

Why DMS seminars are Different:

  • The seminar leaders are still hands-on in one of North America’s top practices.
  • A multi-session team approach ensures all in attendance cover appropriate content.
  • Owners learn how to lead, managers learn how to manage and the staff learn how to perform their key roles.
  • Everything learned gets integrated into an office with detailed action items for implementation back home.

Your 21 CE course includes three 7 hour days of instruction. Some sessions are specific, based on the role in the practice, and other sessions will be with the entire group.


  • Team success: How to pull your team together for a successful practice
  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership: Being the leader is more than just owning the practice
  • Staff productivity: How to maximize your staff’s productivity and have them onboard.
  • Goal setting


  • How to stop the nagging!  Actions you can put in place so you don’t have to nag your staff any longer.
  • Free up your time by supplying answers before the questions.
  • What exactly does your doctor want from you?
  • How to see the practice through the eyes of your doctor(s).
  • Setting goals for your practice and for yourself.
  • Listening to your staff and taking action.


  • Nag, nag, nag if our manager tells me this one more time! How to deal with what your manager is asking you to do.
  • I’m replaceable? But I’m the Hygienist, receptionist, etc..  without me…..
  • Setting goals
  • How to make more money if you need or want to.
  • How the practice should look through your eyes.

Dentist, Manager & Team

  • Together we can do anything, coming together as a team instead of a bunch of individuals.
  • Making commitments to the team and keeping them.

Seminar Pricing (Does not include airfare or accommodations):

Doctors: $1999 US

Associates: $1399 US

Managers: $399 US

Staff or Spouses: $299 US

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