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Dental Productivity

Earn $100,000 – $400,000 More Per Year In Your Dental Practice

So what would you do with an extra 100 G’s? Or 300? Or 500?

Would you pay down debt? Pay off your mortgage? Buy a recreational property? Save it for your retirement? Renovate your house?
Your office? Take a vacation? Help your kids with university costs?

It doesn’t really matter what you do with it, it will feel good no matter what.
But first let’s do a little math… Let’s say you increase your production by only $70 per hour. Your overhead is already paid other than supplies and lab. So you get to keep 80% of the increase, or $56 per hour
If you worked 40 hours a week and took 3 weeks off, that comes to $110,000 per year.
In 9 years that’s an additional $1Million bucks NET in your pocket.Do you think you could increase your billings per hour by $70? That is about an extra two fillings per day.

But what if you increase your productivity by $100/hour$ $250/hour? Or more?

I developed a program for the associates in my own office. They have all increased their hourly production by $250 to $450 per hour! I have been using it for over 7 years successfully with every dentist that has worked with me and it will work for you too.

The billings per hour of the dentists in my office averages over $600/hour with the top dentists routinely exceeding $1000/hour.

Let’s be clear: If you produce $500 per hour now and increase by 50% as many dentists have, that is $200 per hour. If you work full time, that is close to $400,000.00 per year more!

The first step in growing your practice is not adding more patients.

It is being more productive personally with the patients you already have.

Then add patients to your productive, consistent, organized practice. You may be ‘wasting’ the patients you’ve got. The hardest thing to do is self evaluation and improvement. But it is step one.
You may have already invested big money on dental consultants and haven’t achieved the results you want. But what’s done is done. I want to change that for you going forward. It’s no wonder we get are stuck; most “experts” don’t even practice anymore. Usually they focus on ONE idea that say will save you. I’ve got news for you. A dental practice is a complicated operation. You need a co-ordinated approach not a magic bullet. It’s no wonder most consultants can’t provide extraordinary results. They teach you to do the same things that every other dentist is doing.
If you want to separate yourself from the crowd and really change your results, you need to learn some different business skills that really work. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on dental consultants and probably 5 times as much on non-dental business consultants. That is why my approach is less “typical dental” and more “big picture”.

You may think all dental management principles are the same. But if you look at my results, you will see how dramatically they differ from the typical dental office:

My office produces and collects 10 times more than the average office and my personal production is over $1000 per hour every month. Regardless of your results so far, learning the right innovative dental management secrets will enable you to realize the dream life you hoped for when you became a dentist.

You may not want a practice as large as mine, but every bit of growth that translates into increased earnings gives you many more new choices. You can:

If these are the benefits you want then this could be the most important letter you have ever read.

One great thing about being a dentist is that we earn whatever we can produce and collect. That is also the worst part. You can’t claim that you are worth more if you are not producing and collecting more.

Has your practice peaked before you want it to?

Whether you have a million dollar (or more) practice, or if you are a brand new grad, you’ve found a place to discover the secrets you need to move to the next level and the next. The dentists in my office have all achieved huge productivity increases for years, and these in-house secrets are now being made available to the public for the first time.

It Is Possible For A Dentist Like You To Double Or Even Triple Your Income.

You probably know a dentist whose work is inferior to yours that earns more than you. It isn’t fair. But rather than complain, maybe it is time to figure out what you could do differently. They earn more because they have better business skills. But if you are a better dentist you deserve to earn more! If you are a better dentist you can also be better in business! If business success is what you want (increased income) becoming an even better dentist will not solve it. You have 2 hats. It is time to acknowledge and develop hat number 2.

The reasons that I have been able to build a practice that runs on autopilot and produces and collects so much are:

  1. I learned the secrets of patient management and high productivity.
  2. I taught these same skills to my dental associate. (Then I added 7 more because with all of us using these skills, the practice just keeps growing and growing.)

The net effect is a huge practice, constant growth, happy patients, and high income for all my associates and for me. My dental associates typically increase their personal productivity by over 50% in their first year in my office, and it grows from there.

Earlier in my career I owned a chain of 12 offices, so I was forced to learn what works.Some things I figured out and some I learned from the dozens of dentists I worked with; both what works and what does not.

I’m a practicing dentist too, so I share the same challenges and frustrations that you do.

Frustrated dentist who can benefit from a DMS training program.

I still practice every week just like you do. Even though I only practice 2 days a week the issues I face are exactly the same as yours. We both know how easily A/R gets out of control, how irate patients get when they don’t get what they want, how your staff always seem to ask for a raise at the worst possible time. We also both know how stressful dentistry can be when things are not going well, but also how exhilarating it can be when it is working: your staff are happy, your patients love you, and cash flow is far in excess of your monthly overhead obligations. But this end result never happens by accident. You can’t do the things that don’t work and get the same results as someone doing the things that do work.

The worst news is that if you do the wrong things, you develop habits that perpetuate your situation even if you hate the results you are getting.

You can benefit from a Dentist training program developed strictly for the use of our in-house dentists.

Every dentist in our office has gone through this program and the results have not only been spectacular, but have been reproduced time and time again by every dentist that has started in the practice. Even a dentist who had gone bankrupt twice became excellent at dental management and become a very high producer. Just to give you an idea, our average office billings per hour is over $500 per hour. The top dentists produce $800-$1000 per hour (not including hygienist production.) Michael Gerber once said something that goes straight to the heart of “Yeah, that might be good for someone else, but I can’t see how I could do it”. It is as follows: “To achieve great results you don’t need the strength of Hercules, the brains of Einstein or the reflexes of an Indy car racer; you simply need to know what to do.”

Every dentist that applies these principles improves their productivity because my methods have been proven so many times over and over again. If dentists can learn how to manage their personal interactions with their patients and their team, the floodgates open.

Imagine what it would do to your practice and your life if a dentist whose personal billings rate averages over $1000 per hour simply explained to you how to do it.

The application of business skills to your dental practice does not turn you into a greedy, money hungry business person that only cares about the bottom line. Just the opposite. Success in business comes from keeping your customers happy all the time.Greedy people never succeed. Nor do high pressure sales people. But if you treat people well, you never lose them, they accept your recommendations, they pay their bills, and they worship you and make you promise never to retire. And your practice will grow because the new patients, which you can’t handle, can be distributed to your associates. But you need more than loyal patients; you need to be efficient. You need to be organized.

Are you hoping for the “answer” in a neat little package?

There is no magic pill. So don’t let anyone sell you on the idea that there is.There is no single $1000 idea that will solve your problems. What you need are a thousand $1 ideas. It is all about the details. Seemingly trivial details can either elevate or sink you. And I am not talking about building a “spa” practice. You can if you want, but I think too many people are chasing the elusive cosmetic ‘dream’ practice.

Success lies in satisfying the huge, increasingly affluent middle class. Yes, you should offer cosmetic services to them, but also everything else. And in an efficient organized manner.

I mentioned a thousand $1 ideas. What is really great about being a dentist is that little ideas can be worth way more than $1.

One idea might save you 20 minutes on a procedure you do three times a day.

Even if your time is worth a very low (sorry) $200 per hour, that tip will save you $200 per day times 200 working days per year =$40,000 per year!! I had to double check that on my calculator because it is so unbelievable. If your time is worth $400 per hour, that is $80,000 and at $600 per hour that comes to an increase of $120,000!!! And that is the effect of just one tip. Imagine what will happen to your productivity if you incorporate dozens of ideas?

You are likely no different than my associates. You too can learn what they’ve learned.

I developed this program because I had so much to tell my new associates that it took too much time to go over everything with each one. I would forget whom I told what to. I realized that I needed a way to transfer what I had learned in way that was easy for both of us. So I began the project of simply documenting all the things that I do different from other dentists that I felt were the secrets to my high productivity. It took years to put it all together, and I have been using it strictly within our own office the past 7 years. My associates have been able to learn my best ideas, tips and secrets on their own time without having to travel somewhere or miss work. My dentists simply read the material. They ask for clarification the odd time, but overall it simply lays out what to do. I believe in simple and easy. You will not have to buy a bunch of new equipment or take extensive training or travel to learn these tips. I always look for the simplest way to do things. Then the word got out, and friends of my associates began to request a copy so I decided to set up this site to help dentists everywhere.

What’s the best investment you could make?

One dental practice management author I spoke to 10 years ago said that only a dentist would be too cheap to spend $100 on some information that would make them $100 per day for the rest of their life (or even per HOUR!). And I understand why. I am a dentist too and we get bombarded with so much junk that after a while we just reflexively reject everything. Real business people always look for leverage. If they can spend $10,000 on a machine that saves them $5,000 a year in labor they will buy it in a flash. That is an investment not an expense. In dentistry, our own knowledge and ability is our greatest asset, our greatest return and our greatest investment if the knowledge takes us where we want to go. We should always be on the lookout for better ways to practice because it translates instantly to less stress and more income. But we also need to make sure the investment is cost effective. I have seen dentists spend over $30,000.00 on an implant or cosmetic program and do one case every few months, and take so much time doing it that it actually LOWERS their monthly production.

To build a fantastic highly productive dental practice without the help of someone who has already done it is almost impossible.

I have helped so many dentists make this transition that it seems obvious and simple to me. You also need a little introspection before you can improve. Personal development and working on YOU has to be your first step, but it is easy when you have a road map to follow. Smart dental practice methods can transform both you and your practice. I have become a mentor to my associates. My definition of a mentor is: Someone who has already successfully accomplished what you want to do and is willing to help you achieve it.

I have mentored many dentists successfully creating huge increases in income and more importantly in satisfaction with dentistry and life and I can provide the same value to you. On the other hand I know that you don’t know me and I know how much BS we get pushed on us all the time. So I understand that you may be skeptical. So let me tell you what you can expect from me.

All of the above benefits and more are contained inside

“Dental Productivity Secrets”

If you have spent money on dental practice management and didn’t learn how to:

Bill more every day
Collect what you produce
Reduce your stress as a dentist
And get to take more time off…

Then you spent too much.

So what does it cost?

It could take you 20 years and $85,000 invested in courses, travel and consultants to research and learn even a portion of what is included in this powerful guide or you could hire me as a Dental Practice Consultant at $1000/hr. But even 10 hours would barely scratch the surface of what is detailed in my eBook.


For a limited time you can download “Dental Productivity Secrets”

For the insane price of $399 and have it downloaded to your computer in seconds!

Why So Cheap?

You pay only one tax deductible payment of $399

NOTE: When you have completed your purchase you MUST click the link “Return to Dental Management Secrets” in order to download your purchase.

(See below for Package Price Discount)

I originally priced the material at $1467.00 because ANY dentist can make this back in their first week. Some will make it back in one day. How is that for a return on investment?
Compare that return to any other investment you have ever made.
I want to create an offer so irresistible that you would be a fool not to take me up on it.

PLEASE, don’t mistake this low price for material that is of low value.

That means that for a limited time only I am providing the best information I know and have spent my life developing for less than the price of one filling! Or less than a cup of coffee per day!

What exactly do you get?

What you will receive is an information packed e-Book sent by email of the program entitled:

“Dental Productivity Secrets”

It details all of the information I have promised. You can read, digest, re-read if necessary and learn the lessons on your own time as they arrive. This is one of the huge advantages of online learning.

There is no downtime from work, no driving, parking, flying, hotels, lost luggage, etc… Just the information.

Free Bonus

“Crashing Through Your BPH (billing per hour) Ceiling”

This mini report explains the one main secret that separates those who will succeed with this material from those who will read it, agree with it and never do it.This report deals directly with the psychological aspects of your productivity. If you calculate your productivity you will note that it remains constant from one month to the next.You can’t and won’t change the things you have to do until you change your mindset. That is why most practice management programs don’t work.If you don’t change your beliefs, your behavior will not change either.

It is a study on how winners think, and is crucial information for succeeding in any type of new initiative you tackle, not just my material.

Everything I am providing is rock solid, real world, high value, and was designed to achieve excellent results for my own dental team and it has year after year. If this is not enough of a value proposition, you are probably not ready to change. Not only that, but I guarantee your complete satisfaction. You can ask for a refund at any time during the first year after receiving the material if you do not feel you are not getting far more value than the cost you are paying. And if you think you can’t afford it, then you need it even more. This is a one-hour pay back and it will keep paying you that every hour for the rest of your life.

Most of my customers are winners who already are successful. They have learned that information and knowledge is their most important asset and always want more.They realize that valuable information is an investment, not a cost because they will earn far more than it cost them. Losers whine about the trivial cost of something that could totally change their life. I hope that this is the day you decide to join their group.

You Are Literally 24 Hours Away From Changing Your Life…
Download “Dental Productivity Secrets” from my secure server here,

You pay only one tax deductible payment of $399

NOTE: When you have completed your purchase you MUST click the link “Return to Dental Management Secrets” in order to download your purchase.

(See below for Package Price Discount)

Iron-Clad Guarantee

If I haven’t entirely convinced you yet, why not just try it? I’ll even take on all the risk.

“If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason – or for no reason at all – just let me know within 365 days. I’ll refund your $399 payment in full. No questions asked. And you can keep the e-book and the bonuses FREE, with my compliments. That way, you risk nothing.”

If that’s not an iron-clad guarantee I don’t know what is!

That’s right, anytime during the next 365 days, if you are not absolutely blown away by the information in “Dental Management Secrets” and the two bonuses, I will refund the entire payment no questions asked. If I am right, which I am sure that I am, imagine how much you would earn if your collections increased by 20%. Even a 1% increase is $6000 more in your pocket! This material is worth tens of thousands of dollars in potential return with NO downside.

In just over 10 years you could turn that $399 into a million bucks, or more and I sincerely hope you do.

I have tried to determine what my information is worth. It took over 20 years to learn it, another 2 or 3 years to put the program together and I have used it and proven it repeatedly over 7 years.My associates have increased their Billings per Hour by over $200 each and it is still increasing as they add more and more of the techniques.That is for every hour every day, week and month for the rest of their practicing life. I now have dentists world wide using the identical material in different economies, cultures, and currencies all experiencing the same results.

I explained above that an increase of $70/hour amounts to $1 Million dollars NET (not gross) in your pocket over 10 years. So a $200/hour increase would be closer to $3 million additional net.

I also don’t know anyone else who teaches this type of information. In fact all of the well known gurus don’t even practice anymore. This is real world stuff right from the trenches.

Professionally yours,

Dr. Dave Robertson

P.S. — It sometimes only takes one great idea to change your life. If you got through dentistry you must be hard working and intelligent. You have a huge investment in your education and your practice. Are you getting the best return on these investments that you could be?

It seems unbelievable that this program could generate as much or more profit than all that you have learned so far, but I have seen it happen again and again.

P.P.S. — If you ever want to retire early or cut back from 5 days a week to 4 without reducing your income, then go from 4 days to 3, and maybe even from 3 to 2 like me, the FIRST thing you need to do is increase your productivity during the time you are there, so you won’t starve when you are not there!

P.P.P.S. — Dentistry sucks when you are stressed, unproductive and not earning a great income. Anyone can fix these problems, and if you do, dentistry becomes fun, exciting and invigorating.

Imagine looking at your month end numbers and seeing an all time record. My associates experience this all the time. What would that do for your financial and mental well-being? Your security, happiness and even your self-esteem are often directly related to your practice success.

You are the CEO of your own life. When successful CEO’s see a way to create a greater return that is cost effective they say yes every time.

If your practice is performing, you will love your practice.

If you love your practice you will love dentistry.

If you love your work, you will love your life.

This is the sweet spot I want to see you in.

Don’t wait another moment!

Have you ever told a patient that the longer they wait to crown a cracked tooth the more it will cost and the problem is only going to get worse? Who is better off: the patient who takes your advice or the one who wants to think about it (and never does)? For an investment far less than we ask a patient to shell out for a crown you could be on your way to a better life.

Discover these secrets before your competitors do! There can only be ONE dominant practice in your area!

NOTE: When you have completed your purchase you MUST click the link “Return to Dental Management Secrets” in order to download your purchase.

Want a better deal? This entire program is included for Free when you purchase the Discounted Package Deal. You can find it by clicking here: Package Deal

* The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, which may not apply to the average purchaser, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.

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