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Laying down the building blocks to success by using a Dental Management Secrets program.

Here is some feedback from 8 Dentists who are using my Program:

  1. “my BPH (Billing per Hour) raised more than 40 to 50% in just three weeks”
  2. “Of course I was a bit skeptical to order something on the net without any references, but I took the chance.”
  3. “my average BPH in one of the 2 clinics went from $250/h to over $400 (60% increase!)…”
  4. “Does it work? Yes, over the past four months we have exceeded our past goal by 40%, if not 50%”
  5. “Will we reach a $1000 BPH? Most emphatically yes. “
  6. “I could never put a price on this. It is a blessing to me that I learned these things and as a result enjoy dentistry”
  7. “it’s a real ego boost the first time you crack that target, and a huge confidence builder to keep growing the practice.”
  8. “Your information is worth every penny I paid for them.”

To read the rest of their feedback and for more real life Success Stories from real Dentists just like you, Click Here: Success Stories

Successful dentists all have several common behaviors: They are progressive. You can’t be at the top of the heap still doing what you learned 20 years ago.They also know that spending $1 and getting back $20 is a great deal. An increase in your billings per hour of $100 would yield $3500 for every $1 you spend with me. And that would be a MINIMAL result. Many dentists increase by $200 to over $400!Why not get ALL the information NOW, begin to implement NOW and save money by getting a package deal?If what I am offering is real, and true, this information pays for itself; you don’t even really pay for it. (Your collections will increase before your Visa bill for this Package Deal even arrives!)If it is not true, take me up on my 100% refund offer. Either way it costs you nothing out of pocket.

All the concepts in the various programs that I describe overlap and enhance each other. Why pick and choose? Get it all.

What you get:

  • The Eliminate Stress E-Report (details) Value $97
  • The Dental Productivity Secrets E-Book (details) Value $399
  • The Practice of the Future; Build your Dream Practice Home Study Program: 32 E-Book Modules valued at $27 each (details) Value $499
  • You will also receive the Bonus E-Report, Dental Associates; A Win/Win Proposition Value $67
  • The Bonus E-Report: Crashing Through your BPH (Billings per Hour) Ceiling is also included Value $67
  • And as an additional Bonus, available only with this package, a signed copy of my new book, A Search for Purpose which was co-authored with Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Wayne Dyer and others. This book was a Barnes and Noble best seller when it was released and came out at #1 in the Entrepreneurial category, in an active market of over 100,000 other books. Value $30 including shipping and handling

Total Value $1159

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Did I mention that this is a tax deductible expense??

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