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How to produce $100,000 per month – New Audio Program

For those of you who know that I have been in practice many years, this kind of a number may not seem that impressive.
But in this newsletter, I am not writing about me, I am writing about my son.

He graduated from dental school two and a half years ago.

When he started we sat down together and I gave him my best advice on how to be successful over 3 hour long sessions.
We recorded these sessions, so he could refer back to them from time to time.

He started off quite quickly and was producing $60,000 a month in no time and has been gradually increasing steadily over time.
But last month he hit $104.987.00.

And that is working a 35 hour week.

I finally realized that lots of people would benefit from our father/son chats, so I have made some copies and am making them available to you.

They talk about how to deal with patients, case presentation, and even how to manage large cases.

As always these are no risk; if you don’t agree that you received value of at least 10 times the purchase price I will send your money back.

The CD’s are $99 each or all 4 for $299, including shipping and handling.

Just some quick math, if you increase your production even $5000/month times 12 months and say 10 years that’s $600,000 or a 150,000% return on your money. And some of you will improve by $20,000 per month.

The best part is that you can use what Zig Ziglar calls Automobile University; you can learn this while driving to work.

To order, click here .

All for now,

Dr Dave
PS Make 2013 your breakthrough year


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