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Is it important for your office manager to have dental experience?

Much of the time the manager of a dental office gets promoted within the office from positions such as dental assistant or receptionist. Yes, these people usually have a wealth of experience in the dental field but usually have little or no training on how to manage a dental office properly.

So, the answer to my first question is NO. There is no need to have any dental experience to manage a dental office. To truly manage any office, you need to be good at managing the people and systems required to keep the office running smoothly. Those skills are not unique to the dental industry. It is easier to learn the specifics of a dental office than it is to learn the skills of a good manager.

Why am I telling you this?

It is because most of you are in a situation where your manager does not have the skills required to manage your office in a way that is efficient and productive. In many cases your manager is barely keeping their head above water. Spending most of their time putting out fires and reacting to situations rather than being in control of the direction of the office.

We have worked with hundreds of managers that are in this situation. We hear the stories of frustration and stress they deal with daily. Many times, these stories are told through sobs and tears when the manager feels they can finally share their frustrations with someone who understands.

Our workshop style training is set up specifically to create an environment where your manager can let their guard down and get answers to questions they are afraid to ask you, their boss. This is when the real learning occurs. They can interact with a group of their peers, others who are experiencing the same issues and work through them with an experienced facilitator.

Don’t wait any longer, get your manager the training they need and deserve. Send them to our next Management 101 course.


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