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How Much Does Good Customer Service Cost?

First, let’s start with how much bad customer service can cost your practice.

Unless you are providing substandard dental care, most patients who are lost are because of poor customer service. Depending on where that patient came from, you have a certain acquisition cost or investment in that patient that you need to recoup but you also have all the lost revenue for the lifetime of that patient. A conservative estimate of the value of a patient is $10,000 over a lifetime.

If that patient experiences great customer service they will also refer other patients to you increasing their value exponentially.

All it takes is one of your team not providing the proper customer service and you have now lost tens of thousands of dollars in lifetime revenue. You can also bet that if it happens to one patient it has happened to others.

Most patients won’t tell you they had a bad experience, they just quietly slip away and the next thing you know you get a call from their new dentist requesting their dental records.

So how much does it cost to keep this from happening?

Not as much as you think!

Great customer service is more than just each staff member treating people with kindness and respect. It is about your entire practice having a strategy for customer service and everyone on the team doing their part to make it happen.

Our upcoming Customer Service Excellence in Dentistrycourse is designed to give your team the strategies for providing great service and train them to implement. At just $499 per person, this course is a bargain. You can bring a team of 20 for less than the cost of losing just one patient! And it is guaranteed. If you don’t feel it was worth the cost we will refund your registration fees. How can you lose on that deal?

Don’t wait another year to make your practice the one that everyone is talking about because of your amazing customer service. Register today. 

To see a full description of what we will cover in this course or to register visit:

For Groups of more than 3 please call to register (403) 984‑0114 – ask for Kodie.

We are limiting the number of seats in this course to 50 to allow us to give all participants the opportunity to interact with our facilitators so space is limited.

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