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How Do You Set a Policy, and Enforce It?

Policies allow you to set guidelines on how you want pretty much any part of your practice to operate. Without policies, your staff really have no direction.

How to set a policy.

First you need to analyze your practice to determine that the policy is truly the best thing for the practice. When you create a policy you should be consistent with the way you introduce the policy to staff. Meetings, emails, and memos etc are all acceptable. Pick whatever you are most comfortable with.

Be sure you tell them why the policy has been created. Be honest as that will help you with compliance. Include when the policy will take effect.

There is nothing more confusing for your team than being presented a policy that is not enforced. Especially for the team members who follow the policy when others are not.

The consequences of not enforcing policies:

  1. You lose face
  2. Nothing changes
  3. Team members feel they have a choice of which policies they can follow.
  4. You lose control of the office
  5. You wasted your time and everyone else when you introduced the policy.
  6. Your next policy will be ignored.

How to enforce a policy:

  1. First you must believe in the policy yourself. If you don’t you will never take the action to enforce it.
  2. Know your policies. If you don’t know each and every policy your team will soon learn which ones you don’t know and try to get away without following them.
  3. Recognize your policies. You need to be aware of your policies enough that you can recognize when they are and when they are not being followed.
  4. Act immediately when you recognize a policy is not being followed. The longer you wait the harder it is to correct and the more team members that will assume they can get away with it.
  5. Follow through. You should know what the consequences of not following a policy are and follow through with those consequences.

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