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Dental Training Seminars Success Stories

Every dentist that has tried my concepts has increased their production from 30%- 100%+, and…

…reduced their stress and re-claimed valuable time to spend with their families no matter what country they live in, or the type of practice they have.
Every day dentists are turning their practices around in less than a month and going on to yearly increases of $277,000 to $460,000 with no additional staff or fixed overhead.

Please watch the videos and read the following letters that dentists have written to me to explain the tremendous changes in their lives since trying my concepts. (Note; a lot of them refer to BPH; that stands for Billings per Hour. Most dentists have never heard of it, but it is one of the cornerstones to our success)

I could never put a price on this. It is a blessing to me that I learned these things and as a result enjoy dentistry

Dr. Lori Gee Saskatoon, Canada

Since I bought your book and started applying your system, my BPH (Billing per Hour) raised more than 40 to 50% in just three weeks and the number of new patients booked my appointment book up for the next two weeks including new referrals.
Personally, I doubted when I first saw your ad, but later I decided to give it a shot. The most important thing I learned from your book was to change my way of thinking about dentistry and how to enjoy my practice reducing my stress levels.

Now my staff and I focus on our practice a different way, now I make more money, have less stress, more time off and I look forward every day to go to work.

Roberto Mejia DDS Medellin-Colombia South America

“Interestingly enough I didn’t deliberately do it to reduce stress. I did it because it is the truth. It is their problem! There has been a coincidental concurrent reduction in my stress, (because of the reasons you have outlined)”

“You are right. There are some people who are never happy. No matter what. And we tend to look a t the situation as if it’s our fault, or responsibility, and it’s not. I can’t wait to apply that philosophy to my next office.”

“After 30 years of practice, I thought I was a pretty good producer. I was shocked that I was able to increase my production by 30% in less than one year using Dave’s ideas. I only wish I could have learned this material 30 years ago.”

Dr. George Spencer (1976 grad)

“I’m a fairly new grad, yet after learning Dr. Robertson’s dental practice management secrets, I was able to cut out one day a week
from my practice and my income is still 20% greater than it was before.”

Dr. Loreen Wong (5 years in practice)

“Hello Dr. Dave,

I have been reading and absorbing the material daily. I have found your manual to be a well thought out, systematic approach to complete dentistry and life. I believe that if a practitioner was to actively implement half of the ideas and approaches you have outlined they would attain success beyond their wildest expectations.

I have 15 years of dental experience; most of which I spent working with Dr. Rick Kushner’s Comfort Dental Group and opening franchises. His concept is very successful financially, but the long hours, doing my own cleanings, and balancing multiple patients was difficult for me. I knew there had to be a better way for me to enjoy dentistry again.

Your concept is certainly the change that I needed. Everyone says that dentists only make money when they are chair-side, but I can see for the first time how it is possible not only to earn way more money, but more importantly earn it even when I am not at the office; what a concept!

Thanks for the hand-up, I will keep you posted on progress.

Dave Daugherty DDS FAGD FICOI”

“It has definitely made life in the office much more relaxed. I’ve even gone to the extent of charging extra for a filling that looks more complex than a “routine ” one.”

“After explaining to the patient that THEIR problem is complex and I’ll do what I can for them but there are no guarantees, we are all on the same page.”

“I never did apply the same thought process to the staff. But now that you mention it I would expect the same results.”

“I couldn’t agree more. In fact I’ve found myself doing exactly what you have outlined.”

“As dentists there is this aura of expectation ( by both ourselves and our patients ) that we must repair for life, and preferably at no cost ( or pain ) to the patient, teeth which in their natural setting did not survive.”

“BPH: Before reading your books, I was not even aware of the notion of BPH. Strange? Yes I agree, but I had never thought about that. I have to admit that I was very excited to think that I could improve my BPH. I had in mind that it would be quite a long process, and I was thinking that a $10 improvement here and there in my BPH would be great. Well that is not what happened… Within two months, with a plan and a few changes in my habits, my environment and a better communication with my staff; my average BPH in one of the 2 clinic went from $250/h to over $400 (60% increase!)… For the other clinic, it went from $235/h to $270/h, still a 15% increase. I did not expect such dramatic changes!!! And I know it is just a start, because I can still do much better…”

Dr.Gabrielle Tiraloche

My BPH (Billings per Hour) this month fell just $50 short of my new goal (doubling it from $300 to $600), broke $100K in one month for the first time since I opened new goal – break the $1 Mil barrier this year.

Thanks again


Respected sir,
Your valuable tips are really helping me in developing my practice as well as helping me to have satisfaction at the end of day from a financial and work perspective. I really thank you from core of my heart.

Dr. Paakash


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