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Why Training Fails

Of course, your staff needs to be trained.

Without training, they are like a ship without a rudder, doing whatever comes easily to them; Otherwise known as the path of least resistance.

Why do something hard, even if it better, have an easy way that gets you off the hook and kicks the problem down the road to someone else.

So people’s natural tendency is not to dig in and embrace new ideas, but to stick with the status quo; the way we have always done it.

You would think that once you have trained someone, and they agree that the new way is better, the team member should embrace the change and abandon the old.

But when you are working and in the line of fire, so to speak, it is very difficult to waiver from something that you know pushes things along to something that you are not familiar with and might look silly trying to do. Hence the regression to the old way.

So does that mean training is useless?

Well, if all you do is train and walk away, then it is.

So what is the solution?

I suppose you could call it follow-up, coaching, feedback or something of that nature.

In other words, once you have trained someone, you are not done. You have to hold their hand. You literally have to sit beside them and make sure that they are actually doing it and doing it right, with you there as back up in case they get stuck.

As you coach them and manage them and they begin to see that yes, they can actually do this, you can begin to back off.

Perhaps at this point instead of hanging all over them, you can develop measurable indicators that verify that they are sticking with it. If not, spot check from time to time. Come back and observe and make sure the new way has stuck.

There are no short cuts. If you really want to bring about improvement, this is the only way. No one has a team so dedicated, so committed, so loyal and so responsible that you just have to tell them once and the whole team jumps on board with enthusiasm.

So don’t be surprised when your team doesn’t either. No one’s team is like this.

Realize that although your staff is loyal and hard working, human nature and fear of failure is stronger yet.

So train for skill and coach for implementation.


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