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About Dr. Dave Robertson of Dental Management Secrets

Dr. Dave Robertson is a dentist who has always tried to break free of the status quo. He was always looking for ways to make dentistry stress free, profitable and less time intensive. Yet everywhere he looked it seemed everyone wanted to take more time and not to care about profits, which brings more stress.

Already a best selling author with the book “A Search for Purpose” that he co-authored with Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Wayne Dyer and others, Dr. Robertson has turned his efforts to writing personal development reports and programs for dentists. All while continuing to own and operate a practice producing over $10 Million dollars a year.

He has already transformed the productivity (and in fact the life) of the many dentists that have worked for him over the years, and now is making that information available to all dentists worldwide.

In his own words:

Everyone wants to have a profitable office, but my greatest objective was always gaining control of my time, so I have worked hard to develop a practice where I only work 2 days a week. But it is not a small practice. It is 10 times the size of the average practice and I have 8 associates. I decided to build my practice not to maximize earning money but to maximize my time to live my life. I soon discovered that the only way to achieve this was to build an excellent practice. I never set out to build a large practice, only a good one. It has been my life’s work creating this balance between business/practice excellence and a great life. I graduated in 1980 at age 22. I was the co-founder of a chain of 12 dental practices which I sold in 1991 and focused on developing one great one that could provide me with an excellent lifestyle. I have learned how to be very productive as a dentist and also how to provide an environment for associates that enables them to be highly productive and gain control over their time so they also have a dream life. Properly done a practice like mine is a win for the owner, the dental associates, the staff and the patients.

Our Purpose

Dental Management Secrets was created to help people break out of the status quo rut they are in, to improve the practices and therefore the lives of dentists everywhere. We want to create a long term positive improvement in the health and well being of our profession. It is time we healers learned to heal ourselves and our practices as well as our patients. A higher income creating the option to spend less time at the office is the best way to achieve this. Even if you don’t spend less time at work, simply having the option is tremendous for your mental health.

We dentists are bombarded with new materials and techniques almost daily. That alone is almost impossible to keep up with. No one ever told us that we also had to know about all that other stuff. Things like hiring, planning, training, payroll, tax planning, firing, leasing, banks, insurance, systems, vision, negotiating, overhead, etc, etc. Or that we wouldn’t have time to learn it.

If you own a practice and are earning less than some associates, something is seriously out of whack. I routinely write cheques to my associates for over $40,000 for one month’s work. You have risk, investment and management responsibilities. You deserve to earn even more. Who ever knew that owning your own practice created restriction not freedom.

I have learned that many dentists work long hours, at the office and also at home doing “paperwork.” But if we lack the essential skills necessary for practice success, the situation leads to tremendous stress that takes a serious toll on the health of our profession.

Even associates experience stress and frustration, not knowing how to move to the next level of production and success.

Success and a sense of well being affects not just ourselves but our families, our office team and of course our patients. A burned out dentist cannot serve anyone.

Most of us started out with aspirations for a Dream Life. After all, we are dentists, and everyone knows that “dentists are rich and therefore must be happy.” So how come we get bogged down in so much stuff that we feel suffocated by all the pressure to do so many things and never seem to be able to get caught up. We see less of our family and friends and wonder whatever happened to the dream.

I started Dental Management Secrets because I thought it would be a shame not to be able to share all that I learned in my journey. Everyone wants to succeed. Dentists are smart, but often just don’t know what to do.

I love the quote from Michael Gerber which goes something like this:

“To achieve great results you don’t need the strength of Hercules, the brains of Einstein or the reflexes of an Indy car racer; you simply need to know what to do.”

I feel that I can help you learn what to do. I want to show every dentist how to earn more so he or she can take more time off, and if they want, or eventually add associates and a proper manager to replace yourself so you don’t have to do everything.

That Dream you started out with can still become a reality. You don’t need to grow your practice as large as mine. But any improvement is an improvement in your life and your family will thank you for it if you come home earlier, happier and with a thicker wallet.


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