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Stress Relief

How Would It Change Your Life If You Never Had Another Bad Day At The Office?

Stressed dentist who could benefit from a Dental Management Secrets program.

This may seem like a bold claim, but allow me to elaborate. The stress of dentistry can literally kill you. Take the Stress out of being a Dentist once and for all.

Dentistry can be a very stressful profession and we all remember the one patient that upset us long after the 150 happy, satisfied ones are gone from our mind. We often wonder how we could have avoided the problem. Usually we think about ways we could have done the treatment better so that they wouldn’t have been upset. But what if the real answer lies not in doing perfect treatment so that these people will finally be happy? What if perfect treatment is not even possible? What if some people will never be happy no matter what? Do you think that trying harder and harder to do perfect work can really be the answer? No wonder we get stressed out. We keep trying harder and harder to satisfy people, some of whom will never be satisfied.

Since dental school taught us that anything less than perfect was not acceptable, they obviously never taught us how to talk to patients about their expectations or treatment that the patient might perceive as not being perfect. My program is written by a dentist for dentists; because no one knows what we go through until you have lived it.

What if you could change your mind set and learn to see things in a new way? How would that change your life? How would it affect your blood pressure? Your love of dentistry? Your life outside of the office?

What, really, is your peace of mind worth?

Dentists endure a whole array of stress related problems that range from health issues to relationship issues and unfortunately sometimes to a total lack of hope that some of us no longer see a way out of.
What is it really worth to someone to solve that? $47? $447? How about $4.7 million? Of all the advice you can get, or the things you can learn about in dentistry, the one area that no one wants to talk about is the effect that all the pressure of keeping patients happy has on us. We keep taking courses to get better so that maybe we can get free of the pressure that grips us. But we are looking in all the wrong places.

In fact, this is one area where there is really no place to go for help. Most of the dental associations have some kind of referral service to some kind of shrink when things are no longer tolerable. This is usually when depression or drug and alcohol addiction have caused our lives to fall totally apart. Surely there is an intervention that can occur before things get that bad? And besides, what the heck do they know about our issues anyway?

And none of us talk to each other about this because we all feel like we just have to suck it up. After all, no one else is complaining about the stress. When we meet our dental classmates and friends, what do they say when we ask them how they are doing? It is always “Great, did I tell you about the new boat I bought?”

You will never hear, “Well I’m not doing too well. Sometimes I just feel so inadequate. I feel like every other dentist has it all together and yet I struggle all the time. There are patients that come in that ruin my day because I know they are never satisfied. In fact I stopped looking ahead at my day sheets because I got anxious if I saw certain names on there. But I’m still anxious because now I don’t even know what I might be facing.”

I could go on and on but you get the idea. There really is no place to discuss these feelings because you feel like a loser when everyone else is putting on this facade of the perfect life.

But it is a facade. Very few of us have learned how to manage ourselves and our daily situations in a way that that we feel 100% in control of every difficult to manage patient situation.

But it reminds me of one of my favorite quotes. I first heard if from Bill Gerber and it goes something like this:

“If you encounter a problem you don’t need the strength of Hercules, the intelligence of Einstein or the reflexes of an Indy car racer to solve it. You simply need to know what to do.”

If we have trouble with a patient, they take the patient’s side. So do the insurance companies. We are totally on our own. Yet they offer counseling services with their shrink if the pressures get too intense. Instead of helping us in some way to lower our stress, they keep the pressure on us all the time, but offer their shrink services to help you when you are totally at the end of your rope. Thanks a lot.

Not for me. I want to take responsibility for my own mental health. And I have learned how to do it. If you want to take responsibility for your mental health; YOU need to find a way that works.

I am hoping that I have helped our profession in some small way. I know this report will help a lot of dentists who through no fault of their own have never discovered a simpler, fairer and clearer way of looking at dentistry. I know these concepts have changed my own life, and that of the dentists in my office and I am confident that they will for you too.

In fact, I would encourage you to forward this offer to any dentists you know and care about. Remember it is not just the ones complaining about stress that are experiencing it; it is all of us. No one talks about this so never presume someone has it all together. Help yourself and help your friends by reading this report. It will help your health, your relationships and your life. It literally could save someone’s life.

In fact in dental school we used to kid ourselves about our own lack of self importance. We shared our dental school with the med students. Whenever we went into the oral surgery clinic we used to joke about how we were going off to save lives because surgery was the closest we ever got to being “real doctors”. But this information truly could save a life; yours or someone close to you.

There are lots of insights you can gain in dentistry to make your life better; all for some kind of a price. But like the commercial says, learning this is truly “Priceless”.

The value of this report is literally whatever your life is worth.

Right now I am making it available for only $67.

But that is simply the price. The Value of your Health? Priceless.

If you want to know what to do fill in the form on the right to have the weight of the world lifted from your shoulders right now.

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Professionally yours,

Dr. Dave Robertson

P.S. The great thing about getting on top of this area of your life is that it will help all the other areas of your life. If you are feeling burdened, it comes out in all kinds of places. If you don’t think you need to learn this ask your spouse or your staff. They will know, and will also be among the first to benefit if you learn to relax all day at work.

P.P.S. In fact, these concepts can help your staff cope with their stresses as well. Share this report with them. Even if you are feeling great personally, undoubtedly some of them will feel the pressure most dentists feel. They will benefit from these concepts which are human relations skills at their core.

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